Camfa – Independent Web Designer & Training Specialist

“Every business needs a website.” 

— Arica D., Business Owner, Billings, Montana

Since 1995, Camfa’s owner, Leigh,  has worked in Information Technology: from sales and training Camfa Logoto consulting and marketing, and on to website design and development. In the twelve years Camfa has provided website-building services to businesses and non-profit organizations, we have relocated from our country of origin and states across the northern hemisphere, maintaining relationships with clients and independent contractors in Wales, California, Arizona and now, Montana.

Every small business, regardless of size, can benefit from a web presence. Every small business can equally be damaged by either the lack of a web presence or an inappropriate/malfunctioning site.

Some of the reasons for investing in a website that works for your business are:

  • Brand Recognition & Brand Development which form part of your Promotion and Marketing plans
  • Promotion of your Product / Service
  • Point of contact for Customers / Clients
  • Opportunity to interact with Customers / Clients / Audience
  • Generate new Customers / Clients / Readers / Viewers
  • Provide a Product or Service such as Information / Advise / Platform
  • Sell Products such as Books & Music, Images / or Services such as Graphic Design & Content Management

Small businesses, in particular, benefit from web presence for all of the above reasons as well as the ability to compete with larger businesses and corporations on a much more level ground. Our current Clients include information providers, charities, advisories, musicians, artists, teachers, writers and publishers.

Camfa has also provided websites and/or IT training for auctioneers, dance companies, engineering businesses, storage facilities, small computer companies among others. Whatever your business, Camfa will work with you to develop an affordable and manageable site to meet your business needs.

Please contact us to discuss your website requirements.