A vast percentage of large and medium size businesses are now engaging with their clients and customers through social media. With so many  potential contacts already using this form of keeping in touch with family, friends as well as authors, artists, musicians to name a few of the categories of business-oriented entities taking advantage of this marketing opportunity, a social media presence for small businesses as well.

With the assistance of our client, Dulais Productions LLC, Camfa has also established social media sites for our own purposes, as well as for several of our other clients.

For example, D Rhys Music Services as well as historical romance writer, Lily Dewaruile are making use of two social media sites. Stock analyst, Deepcaster LLC  has a presence on Twitter and regularly blogs from their website and on BlogSpot.

The art of social media marketing follows the same principles of conventional marketing and promotion. The secret is in the content. We recommend, as with any service in a professional environment, seeking the expertise of a specialist in the field. Check out the Facebook page of the crew at Dulais Productions LLC for ideas. If your business isn’t yet on Facebook or other social media site, explore their website.

Reaching customers where they are is the business of business. The above examples are just a few of the ways Camfa can help clients build and expand their businesses as well as establish brand recognition.

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