“Every business needs a website.” 

— Arica D., Business Owner, Billings, Montana

Every small business, regardless of size, can benefit from a web presence. Every small business can equally be damaged by either the lack of a web presence or an inappropriate/malfunctioning site.

For example, early last year, Camfa offered its services to a small online business. The business struggled with an aging site, susceptible to hacking, with inadequate security. Following discussion and concept reviews with the business owner, Camfa developed a dynamic, responsive site that has helped the business recover from a declining readership and increase its income from its principal product: information-sharing.

Camfa’s skills developed exponentially during this process. We incorporated these new skills with the assistance of our associates in information technology. Consequent to that development, we were asked to provide websites to two start-up businesses, both of whom also required payment options through credit processing gateways.

Camfa approaches every commission for a new website client or a revamp of an existing site as an opportunity to enhance our technological skills. As a small business ourselves, we understand the need for quality and affordability. We consider these attributes as prerequisites to our clients’ undertaking the challenge of a web (and public) presence.